Here at Polymer Digital we want to be more than just the people who built your website. We want to be your partners when it comes to anything that has to do with the web. Let’s work together to ensure your business is growing.

Your Partners on the Web

Finding the right web design studio to work with is a complicated process. We strive to take the stress away from working with a firm. We believe in having fun when we work together. Having conversations instead of meetings. Whenever you need help with your site we want to be the ones you call.

Long Term Support

Once a project is done we’d be sad to see you go off into the sunset. We’d love to continue working together and provide affordable plans to encourage this. When it comes to hosting, email or phone support, content entry, bug fixes, software updates, backups and much more we have you covered.

Iterations & Improvements

Most of web design work is a hypothesis. What can we do that will encourage visitors to contact you? We love to put our work to the test, see how it’s performing and then make iterative improvements to improve what is happening. When your website evolves over time you’re much more likely to see higher conversion rates.

A/B Testing

As part of the improvements we make we can test them against others. Let’s say you have a section on the homepage encouraging people to sign up. We can test different designs of this section to see which does better.