Our projects all start out with a discovery session. Whether it’s our first project or tenth project together we want to catch up, make sure we’re all on the same page, and ensure we’re ready to produce something great.


It’s important that everyone involved with our project is on the same page. We want to share with you who you’ll be working with and learn more about who we’ll be working with from your end. We’ll establish clear points of contact and determine the roles of everyone involved.

Your Product or Service

What are you trying to share with the world? We love learning about the different products and services that people are so passionate about. We love even more helping people connect their products or services with people who really need them. It’s important we collect as much information about what you’re providing so we can represent it extremely well within our project.

Pain Points

You’re visiting with us for a reason. More often than not the reason is because something is bothering you. We’re here to help you overcome any pain points you have with your current website. Together we will identify the issues you’re currently facing and work to come up with solutions.

Setting Goals

From the pain points will come solutions and goals that we want to achieve for our project to be a success. These goals will help guide us as we plan out the project. Everything from the statement of work to the project timeline will have these goals in mind. When the project is finished and we look back we’ll use these goals as the measuring stick for success.