To us design is more than just a good looking website. Great design is telling a story that accentuates your product or service and helps visitors on your website make an informed decision.

For You

When we design something for you there will never be a question that it’s for your company. By thoroughly incorporating your colors and messaging we ensure when someone visits your website it’s an immersive experience that was undeniably made for you and your company.

Your Story

Every great company has a story behind it and we want to tell yours. When you can be authentic with your customers they become more trusting. A trusting visitor is more likely to contact you for what you’re offering them. We love to tell your story as part of the website design.


Design is a lot of give and take. This requires collaboration between our team and yours. As such we use the best tools on the market for creating and sharing designs. Using our prototype sharing tool, Invision, you can view your new designs and leave comments right on them like stick it notes. When it comes to handling revisions we offer you to hop on a call with our designer so you can collaborate in real time!


Here at Polymer Digital phones and tablets are first class citizens when it comes to design. Gone are the days where desktop is the priority - more and more people are browsing the web exclusively from their mobile devices. As such we strive to provide equal experiences whether it’s from a computer, a phone or a tablet.

Branding & Graphic Design

Our prowess with design doesn’t end with the web. If you’re in need of illustrations, icons, logos or even brand creation our designers have you covered.